Monday, March 29, 2010

New print cover!

We have found out our short stories and novella's that are free and 99 cents will be in a print anthology for AAD this year! I had hoped that we would have Drake available, but it might be a bit far fetched. So whats going to be in this Anthology?

You Burn Me
Bargain by Starlight
Valentines Whispers
Incubus Lucky
The Sleeping
In Marrakesh
Proper in the Parlor
End of an Era in a smoky bar
Meeting the Man in Question
The Beach
The Dinner Date
New Years Resolutions

So what do you think of the cover? The name was an agony to come up with but seeing as the main short (You Burn Me) happens in Shadow Heights... We figured it was good. I cant wait to have this one out so those who don't read e books will have something new to read. LOL.
Ooh and our three new shorts this is the release schedule:
April 15th: Incubus Lucky

May 15:You Burn Me

June 15: Astoroth: Her Last Sin

Cool right? So get ready... Lots of good stuff coming!