Tuesday, June 15, 2010

AAD loves Bloggers!

I figured I would post about this here, as we have figured out what the bloggers are going to get. See Bloggers are the life's blood of the reviewing world because they dont do it for the job, they do it for the love of books. And because we love to write the books they LOVE to read, We wanna give back..

This year at AAD, Bloggers will be treated to some special goodies. Bloggers that attend will recieve a special welcome party with the authors Thursday night, a special blogger welcome back (in addition to the actual welcome bag) and it will have several ARC's, low number (meaning books we only have like 10 or less of) books, Special premium items, special goodies and the ability to set up one on one interviews for their blog, in person on video or transcribed. These ARC's wont be given to others on the whole and you can expect them from Cynthia Eden, Jacquelyn Frank, Kensington Books, Ballantine Books, and several other authors. To know the full list, you will have to attend as a blogger!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up HERE!


s7anna said...

Oh man...that just sounds amazing! If I had the resources...I would soo be there...I live in Canada so the travel cost plus the hotel cost will do me in...can't afford it right now. I hope I can attend one of your events someday.


Stella Price said...

Anna hun... OMG the travel we cant help with, but theres ways to cut costs. Rooming with people and such... you should try to figure it out.