Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Night After Lady Jane

Ooh wow did I have fun! Last night I was one of the authors featured at Lady Jane's Salon in NYC at Madame X's. I was nervous as hell because I had to READ and I'm not that good at it. So I drank. And drank. Then I was up. I was surprised that considering my buzz, I actually told a pretty good, coherent tale. What did I read? I read from You Burn Me, early on, the scene with Xxieda and Rhys when she found him in the bathtub, nekkid and passed out drunk. Apparently It was met with a bit of laughter, which was awesome.

Im excited as well because I got to wear my new costume to the event... Shall you like to see as well? Well here... Isnt it pretty? I designed and hand sewed the bustle, and designed the hat and the jewelry I wore, and was met with very positive comments. I love this skirt too, got it from ChisStar (duh) and Im considering the Black one too.

So yes, I had a good time, and Im looking forward to my next event, November 13th in Middletown NY, hometown signing, and the last of the year. Im hearing noises about a Salon before Anachronism but more on that once I know more.


Hope Tarr said...

Your reading and costume were lovely. It was a pleasure having you guest at the Salon. Come back soon, perhaps next month?

Stella Price said...

Next month? LOL anything is possible! I would LOVE to come back any time you guys want me there!