Monday, November 15, 2010

Steampunk Styles for AAD: AWESOME military Jacket

Looking for that military look for AAD's Steampunk Ball this year? Yeah I thought so. Well I found some awesome clothes, and Ill be sharing links with you guys much in the coming months. Today, I wanna talk about this STUNNING military jacket that is SURE to be the crowning piece to your costume.

The design of this jacket is amazing. Its got a great cut, sure to show off

either your corset, ruffled shirt or cami tank, and the Navy matches so much. The buttons are silver, and are well placed, and the entire jacket is lined with satin as to be soft on the skin. it is 100% cotton and can be machine washed. So why is is really awesome? Because its the PERFECT starter piece. Add wings, brooches, chain or epaulets to make it your own style. As you can see, the back is also done in the steampunk Military style and will support any back style design you might want. the jacket measures 24.5 inches and is $49.95. You can pick it up HERE.

So that's Choice number one here. I love it and I hope to see at least one of you guys wearing it this year.

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