Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We got some great news today

the print version of our first volume of the American Satyrs series, both OF Crimson and Collars and To Collar and Keep will be in print for January 2011! Audra and I are extremely excited about this because it will be the first print release with Total E Bound, and we both just LOVE the quality of the print with them.

So the dualogy will have both Of Crimson and Collars (ben's book) and To Collar and Keep (harley's book). Both of them are very close to our hearts and we know the readers that have read them love them too. SO very excited about it.

Our next stories in this series will be (in no particular order) Alexander, Sebastian, Corbin and Iago, and a prequel story about Ben's parents, Inez and Nicolai. Who else is excited?

And I think Ill do a contest for a print version for a lucky reader in the new year!

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