Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sex Scene Saturday: Astrid and Fallon

Stella and Audra Price
Genre: Dark Erotic Paranormal Romance
Length: NOVEL
Races: Demons, Humans, Psychics, witches


"You’re late, cookie," was the first thing he heard as he walked into the room.

Astrid was sitting on the couch, her legs crossed and her arms folded. Fallon took something out of the bag, then set it down, and knelt down in front of her, looking up into her eyes pitifully.

"I'm sorry, vixen. Forgive me?" He pouted slightly, giving her puppy eyes as he took her bare foot into his hand and began to gently massage it.

She made a small noise of pleasure. ”I can never stay mad at you." She looked to the bag and raised an eyebrow. "Did you bring me toys?"

He lifted her foot up to his mouth and placed a kiss on it then grinned at her.

"I might have, but they are for later. Feyd was telling me about Lorna coming over. He and Ashlyn just left. Have you been keeping yourself amused in my absence?" He looked to the pool table. The balls had been haphazardly set up, and the cue stick was lying on the table.

She followed his gaze and shrugged. "Not really. I really can't play. I tried setting them up."

"Would you like me to show you, vixen?"

"Sure, why not?"

They both went to the table, and he started to set up the balls. "You see, it’s different for different games. We’ll start with Eight Ball. It’s arranged like this.” He moved the colored balls around in the rack. “The black one goes in the middle—that’s the eight ball. In the bottom corners, you have one stripe and one solid. The rest just go in at random. Got it so far?" He looked up, and she nodded convincingly, even though he knew she was looking at his ass. He finished setting up the balls and stood behind her, holding the cue thoughtfully.

"Have you ever held a pool cue in your hands before?"

"Yeah, I kinda know how to play, just not well."

He threaded the cue through her hands and showed her how to hold it correctly. He leaned her forward slightly, and she moved back against him, her bare legs smooth against the roughness of his jeans. He took a few shots, guiding her hands to where they should be. A few balls went in, but Astrid let go of the cue, placing her hands where she thought they should be. She turned around in the circle of his arms and kissed along his jawline.

"Cookie," she whined, pouting her lip at him.

He let the cue fall to the floor and looked at her, a question in his eyes. "Vixen?"

"I want you, now. Give my body the attention that it craves."

Typical demanding vixen. I love you for it. Letting his amusement show in his eyes, he bent down to her and gently bit the soft mound of flesh just at the top of her breast. She arched into him, and he pulled back.

"Je vous aime, la vixen."

"I love you, too, and I love it when you speak French." She jumped on him, wrapping her legs around him. One of his hands automatically went to the small of her back to support her while the other slid under the hem of her dress and tucked something into her panties, making sure that it went where he wanted it to go and stayed there. She moaned into his mouth and grabbed hands full of his hair, pulling her self higher up onto him.

"Take me now," she murmured into his mouth.

He bumped her higher up onto him so that her molten heat was centered on the bulge of his trousers. She tightened her legs, forcing what little space there was between them to lessen. He groaned as his cock began to protest its imprisonment. She was the only one that could do this to him. Force his hand and make him lose control. He pulled a slender control out of his pocket and switched it to low. She pulled back from the crushing kiss and looked at him, blinking in surprise, taking a moment to figure out where the vibrating sensation she felt was coming from. He grinned and flicked the dial up higher, and she collapsed moaning in his arms.

"Do you like that?"

"Yes. Oh, God…Fallon, please." He moved the dial down a little and set her on her feet.

"I want you to stand on your own, vix. You got me?" Not waiting for an answer, he went to the bag and pulled out a silk scarf. He walked back to her, concealing the piece of silk from her view.

"Now, close your eyes."

He tied the silk scarf over her eyes and kissed the back of her neck. "Now I don't want you to move. If you move from that spot, you will be punished. Understood?"

She nodded weakly then licked her lips and answered hoarsely. "Yes. Understood. Good punished or bad punished?"

He chuckled into the base of her neck. Typical vixen. "Bad, vixen. Very bad. I'll tie you up on top of the table and tease you, giving you enough pleasure to keep you aroused. But no more than that. I'll fuck you with my tongue but not my dick. I'll bring you to the brink but never over it. I'll do that for hours and hours, until I'm satisfied that you have been suitably punished."

She tried to lean into him, but he danced out of the way. "That doesn't sound so bad. Besides you're always impatient when it comes to me," she purred.

He laughed silently and shook his head. Instead of answering her, he flicked the control to high. Her knees buckled instantly. He watched as she caught herself on the table. "Understood, vixen?" he asked, the amusement clear in his voice.

She whimpered and nodded again. He stepped in close to her, peeling her dress straps away from her shoulders to reveal her breasts. He rolled her already hard nipples in his calloused hands before shimmering to the other side on the table, leaving her standing there alone and exposed.

He looked at her from across the table. She would do anything he wanted. She stood there, a slight tremor running through her whole body, using both her hands on the pool table to steady herself. Her large, perfect breasts shuddered with every uneven breath she took. The black silk scarf was doing its job; she had no idea where he was. The room was silent. The only noise was that of the small vibrator resting gently on her clit.

Grinning, he shimmered behind her and lightly stamped his foot to make a noise. She jumped and turned her head toward him, her hands still grasping at the table for support. He shimmered back to his original position and watched her. He loved to watch her like this and loved knowing that he caused it. The way her body trembled with uncertainty, the heat that he knew would be in her blue eyes once the silk was removed. Just the very sight of her, her face turned away from him, her body straining to be touched, made him want to go to her and end it, but he held back. It took a hell of a lot more effort, but he wasn't done playing yet.

"Did I ever tell you about Miami?"

Her head jerked around. "No. Come over hear and tell me." Her voice was breathy, and the smile she was wearing promised him everything. She was enjoying herself as he knew she would be.

He walked around the table to once again stand behind her. He grasped her hips with his strong hands and guided her back, so her ass was flush against his now-throbbing cock. Nuzzling the back of her neck, he growled into her satin-like flesh. He inhaled her sent and sighed it out onto her bare shoulders, provoking a shudder from her.

"I love the smell of you when you’re hot for me. Did you know that? Normally, you smell like fresh green apples, but when you’re turned on, you smell and taste like the ripest red apple I've ever seen, just ready to be eaten. Did you know that?" He slipped his hand under her short dress and slid her wet panties down her legs. The vibrator fell uselessly to the floor, its purpose having been served. He kept his fingers on her, not doing anything more than holding her, letting her wetness seep out onto his hand. She wiggled at the contact but clearly wanted more.

"Miami, cookie?"

"Yes, vixen. Miami. It was a few years ago before I had the pleasure of knowing you. I was invited to watch by four…interesting young women. How could I refuse? They were most insistent." He began to move his slick fingers over her, touching all of her, but not paying specific attention to any one part. He was enjoying the feel of her, studying her with his hands as if he were a blind man with a Braille book.
"So, I went with them and watched, for a while."

"You joined in?" She was getting wetter and wetter at his words. He began to circle his fingertips around her, keeping her aroused for his story. "Yes, I did, vixen. I left every one of them a very happy woman."

"All four?" She groaned under his ministrations.

"Yes, I took them all, and they offered themselves up to me. Would you like me to tell you what I did to each of them?"

"Hmm, did they scream your name?" She leaned against him, giving him a better angle.
"Every one of them did." He slid a finger into her tight warmth, and she shuddered, so tight and warm. His finger started to work her hard from inside and out, his thumb drawing gentle circles on her clit. She bucked and threw her head back against him. "Will you scream my name? I want to hear that. I need to hear that. Come for me, my vixen. Scream my name," he whispered into her ear.

She came violently, screaming his name, just as he'd asked for. Only his arm supporting her kept her upright. He held her as she caught her breath. Once she could breathe and stand on her own, Fallon took off the blindfold and his own clothes, showing himself firm and upright.

"Oh, Fallon. You are amazing and happy to see me." Astrid grinned at him, her eyes glowing with lust. She started to take the dress off, but he stopped her.

"No, I like it like that. It covers, but it doesn't. Climb on the table." His voice was low and throaty, more of a growl, and she didn't hesitate. She was up on the table, legs open wide waiting for him. He hopped on the table and crawled over to her, turning her to face the window. He forced her up and onto her knees and positioned himself behind her, teasing her swollen opening with his throbbing cock.

"Is this what you want, vixen? You want all of this inside you? all of me inside you?" He quivered at the heat that radiated from her core. It passed over him as if he were already sheathed inside her. Whimpering, she tried to back up onto him, but he held her hip firmly in place.

"Ah, no. That's very naughty. Tell me, is this what you want? To feel me inside of you as far as I can go? You can take all of me, vixen. Few can. Do you want me to show you just how deep I can go?" He pushed himself over her clit, and she groaned.

He moved back to her center and positioned himself, so all he needed was one quick thrust to be inside her.

"Yes, Fallon…yes. I want all those things. Show me, lover, please."

And with those words, he entered her, not waiting for her to loosen up, knowing just how she liked it. His pace was mercilessly fast, but he couldn't have slowed down if he tried. Astrid's small gasps and moans only encouraged him.

"Vous vous sentez si vous mouille, donc chauffer, donc tendu.” Vixen, you feel so wet, so warm, so tight. The sound of flesh on flesh cracked through the room. He turned her to face the street, with the light so bright the whole room was exposed to anybody who could be watching below.

"Is there anyone in the street below, watching us? Watching you while I thrust myself deep inside of you?" Her noises changed slightly, and he smiled, knowing that he had hit her spot. He changed his pace but kept the angle and found himself close to letting go.

"Tell me, my vixen, are you close?" His thoughts clouded over. All that mattered was that he go as hard and fast into her as he could.

"Yes…yes, oh, Fal, so close. Please, harder, faster…need…need you to…"

Couldn't slow if I tried, vix.
He felt her tighten, and he lost himself, pounding into her as she came around him. He found his own release as her hot body squeezed every last drop from him.

"So, was there anybody watching outside?" he asked as soon as his breath was back. He pulled out of her and watched as their mixed juices ran from Astrid onto the pool table before lying down next to her. She laid her head on his chest and played with the line of hair under his belly button.

"There were a few. You think they'll leave money at the door?"

"They’d better, but the show was for us, not them. I think we stained the table."

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