Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sex Scene Saturday: Ben and Minerva.

Todays scene comes from the first in our American Satyr series, Of Crimson and Collars, a book about a hybrid demon/satyr who has no place in the world at large, until he finds out about his satyr side and meets the one woman that can calm his lonely heart.

Stella and Audra Price
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Race: Satyrs

Warning: This scene is not for anyone under 18 years old. You have been warned.

Watching her closely, he ordered her fruit and his breakfast along with a large amount of coffee. “So is that bath ready?” She nodded and licked her lips again, holding her hand out to him.

He stood and walked to her completely naked and took her offered hand. “Lead the way, then.”

She smiled and walked them into an overly large bathroom, lush with topiary grace and style. The plants were the type that thrived in steamy and warm environments, the blooms on the few flowering ones extremely fragrant, but sparse, as not to overdo the exotic potency. Minerva led him into a sunken marble pool. The waters swirled around her ankles then calves and finally her waist as she stood in the center, steam rising around her. Bubbles broke on the surface of the water, and Ben noticed there were jets in the sidewalls and bottom. She beckoned him again with her outstretched hand.

Smirking, he stepped in after her. The water was practically boiling, just as he liked it. One didn’t live in the demon realm for so long and not become accustomed to both intense heat and cold.

“I like it,” was all he said as he took in the place.

“This is the largest bathroom in the castle,” she said and dunked under a bit, floating over to him and grinning.
He dunked under too, letting the scalding water run over him.

“It is certainly large, and we can put these jets to good use. Tell me, do you like the heat?”
Minerva smiled and nodded. “I was happy to hear you say you enjoy it hot, Prince.”

“And the pressure of the jets? Rushing the burning water against your clit? Do you like that?”
“I…I don’t know, Prince. They aren’t,” she said and went under quickly and came up, her hair a silken wet sheet behind her.

“Well, we should remedy that right away then.” Taking her arms, he turned her, pushing her forcefully against the side. He spread her legs, holding her to the jet and positioned her accordingly. “Now, how does that feel?”

Minerva gasped and threw back her head. “Um, Prince, that’s good…but you feel better.”

“I do.” He let the water blast over her clit. “But you’re not getting me right now. There are some ground rules you have to learn, and this is the simplest way to start.”
“Yes, Prince…” she moaned and leaned back into him. He allowed his hands to move around her front, taking her breasts in his hands.

“Now, you mustn’t come, pet. Not without my express permission. To do so will incur severe punishment. Now, you may ask—beg even—but you must never come without my first saying so. This applies at all times. Sometimes, I’ll let you come as often as you want. Other times, maybe only once, if at all,” he whispered in her ear as he teased her nipples. “Understood?”

She shuddered and nodded. “Yes, my Prince.”

“Good. Your body belongs to me now. I own it and everything it is. Your every orgasm is mine. Mine to give and mine to deny.”

Minerva leaned into him and panted. “Are you keeping me, Prince?”

“For now,” he told her, though he most certainly was keeping her. “But do not go against my wishes in this manner, and it includes touching yourself. Your pleasure is mine.”
Her skin against his chest was so supple and fresh, he couldn’t stop himself from kissing over her neck on the spot where he’d bitten her last night.

She moaned, tilting her head to give him better access. “I won’t disobey you, Prince,” she whimpered, her nipples hardening. Her hands went to his hips. Holding her breasts tightly, he lifted her higher and teased her open with his cock.

She gasped, feeling him between her thighs and moaned again. “Please,” she begged, “Please take me…”

Even Ben couldn’t resist a plea like that, not when she was still so tight and supple and especially not with the moons’ magic beating down on him, driving his body to slake his lust. Still holding her up high, he slammed up into her, careful to keep the jet on her clit. He was interested to see how far she’d get, whether she’d break his command or be reduced to sobbing pleas for mercy.
Minerva moaned and gasped, purring low in her throat. “Prince…gods, that’s deep,” she groaned. Her body quivered, and she dug her fingers into his hips, moaning. “Prince…please…so good…”
He took her hands, placing them on the edge of the tub before pushing her face down to meet them. Now with her completely bent over, he told her not to move. He stroked her thighs under the water, parting them uncomfortably wide before pulling almost out of her body then slamming back into her. Sometimes slow and hard was just what was needed to start the day, and he certainly enjoyed using her in this way. She was so willing and so complimentary, just happy to get fucked and make him happy. All women were in the end but from the start Mina was by far the best. She enjoyed giving him the control he needed.

She panted, arched and moved in his hands, letting him guide her. “Please. Please…I need to…” she whimpered.

“Need to what?” he asked cruelly, knowing full well by the fine trembling of her body that she was close.

“Please…” she begged. “Please, let me come, Prince.” He toyed with just how cruel he would be before deciding he could allow her this one.

“Since you asked me so nicely, come, pet.” He thrust harder into her, his cock moving over her sweet spots as the jet still pounded into her. “Come for me,” he growled into her ear.

Minerva exploded. Her body shook with utter abandon, her eyes closed as she screamed his name, panting. It was too much for her, and she slumped, her knees buckling, moving her body closer to the jet, adding more pressure to her sensitive flesh. She pulsed with energy, any resistance she could have had melting away. “Ben,” she panted. “Gods, you’re so good.”

It took him a few seconds to recover himself. The force of her orgasm had nearly sent him over the edge, something that rarely happened. He kept his body moving inside of her not quite ready to bring it back to full force. Her reaction pleased him. He would most definitely have to speak to the collar maker about getting one made for her. She was indeed a prize. “You should thank me…for being so kind. I could have drawn that out for a very long time.” He smirked into her back, having every intention of doing so with her next one.

She moaned and shuddered, her body back on edge. “Thank you, my Prince. Um, please. Anything you wish to do, my Prince. I am yours, all yours.”

“Perfect response. You are indeed mine to do with as I please.” His body was once again screaming at him, and he started working her faster until he pounded into her. Her legs were split wide, the screaming jet flush against her clit now. The excess spray moved against his balls, the extra sensation driving him wilder.

She panted and writhed under his hands, bucked back at him and pleaded, her body taut like a string once more. It didn’t take much for him to get her to that zenith, to that one place where nothing but pleasure mattered. “Ben…Master, please…”
“Please what?” He pinched her nipple hard. The master was a nice touch, but he was enjoying this far too much.

“Please, come with me. I love how it feels. Please…”

“Not yet,” he growled, pushing her head down against the tub and fucking her viciously. “Although, you may beg further to entice me. I might change my mind.”

She sobbed and moved under him, moaning her joy as he used her body and drove her to new unheard of heights. “Master…anything…gods, please. It’s so good. I need you. Please…” she begged weakly then abandoned her pleas, a gasping moan coming from her mouth.

He could barely hold himself back any longer, the weak twitching of her body and her soft sounds just about ending him. “Come now,” he moaned in her ear.

Minerva let go of her tattered control and sighed, shuddering then moaning once more, this one was softer but deeper, her muscles clamping down on him harder as she sobbed his name over and over.

Taking her hips, he drove himself higher into her as he came hard, his orgasm strong. He kept thrusting until they were both spent.

Minerva panted and licked her lips, squeezing him once more from the inside. “Is this how you get up every morning? I might pass out from the attentions,” she chuckled and wiggled her rump.

“I’m confident you can keep up the pace.” He kissed her neck, pulling her back into his arms and deeper into the warm water.

Thoughts? Post your thought on the scene and possibly win a copy of this book in E book! Interested in reading other authors Naughty scenes? How about:

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