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Ssssex Scene Saturday: Remy and Chrissy

Todays sex scene is from the Book Beyond the Vision of Dreams, the first in the Weresnake novellas! Remy is a rocker, and Chrissy is 100% rock and roll!

Stella and Audra Price
Genre: Weresnake/paranormal
Length: Novella
Races: Weresnakes

They’d been on the bumper cars and a few other rides. Currently, Remy was throwing darts into balloons as he tried to win her a giant bear. The bear in question had a red ribbon tied around its neck, but other than that, didn’t have much going for it. It was one of those giant cross-eyed carnie bears.
Chrissy tore off another piece of candyfloss and stuffed it into her mouth as she watched him move. He was beyond sexy and he kissed like the devil himself.
“And after the hall of mirrors, we have to go and see the Snake Boy.” She smirked sarcastically. “Half man half snake…it sounds terrifying.”
He turned and grinned at her. “Rubbish! As if something like that exists!” He winked at her and threw his last dart, popping the balloon. “Sweet. We’ll take the big panda.” He motioned at the disgruntled carnie and took the bear when he gave it to him. “Thank you kindly.” He turned to Chrissy and smiled. “Well, love, I won the bear. I get a kiss don’t I?”
“Yeah, you sure do. You want it now, or do you wanna save it for later?”
“Oh, I want it now. It will be sweeter with the candy taste to it.” He smiled and moved into her, capturing her lips with his. “And I’ll take one later, too.”
Her arms wrapped around him as she pulled him into a deep kiss. The feel of his tongue on hers, tasting her, forced a deep moan from her mouth. His spicy scent surrounded her, and she pulled back breathlessly, licking her lips. “One like that?”
He growled, his eyes going python for a moment then changing back.
She grinned. “Watch yourself there, lover. You might end up in one of those tents.” She winked.
“Then you shouldn’t press me, pet. It’s your fault.” He gave her a cheeky grin and they walked off down the midway. “So, Chrissy, the monthly hunt is coming up…” he said quietly as they walked, speaking only loud enough for her to hear.
“Sorry, but it feels good to press you.” She popped another piece of candyfloss in her mouth. “It is? Good, I suppose. It’ll be good to get a proper stretch.”
“Well, usually we hunt alone, but…well, are you sentient when you change? I mean do you retain you? Some people don’t…” he rambled and looked at her, blushing slightly.
“Yeah, I stay me. It’s kinda how I’ve survived this long. You’re very cute when you’re asking something,” she remarked gleefully.
He blushed again and shook his head. “Well, would you want to hunt with me? I mean, I’d show you one of my favourite places if you want.” He looked hopefully at her.
His favourite places? “I’d love too. Just the two of us.” Her smile was warm.
He brightened. “Good. We’ll go early then. I assume you’ve honed your telepathic skills, as well?”
She winced. “Um…yeah, a little. I mean kinda…well, not really so much honed, as in…the opposite?”
“Can you use it?”
She nodded. “Sometimes.”
He nodded. “Well, we’ll just have to work on that won’t we. I, personally, can only use it when changed. Elise and Myrna, can use it any time. I think Andy can, too.”
“Practise makes perfect I guess.”
He smiled and nodded his head to the house of mirrors. “Still wanna go for it? I haven’t been in one of those things in ages.”
“Yeah, let’s.” She grabbed his hand and dragged him up the stairs. “These things used to creep me out. They kinda still do. I’ll just have to stay close to you.”
“Go on in, I’ll follow…” He stopped to give the carnie the tickets and spoke to him in hushed tones. Chrissy wondered idly just what was going on, but he followed her a second later with a grin on his face. “Shall we?”
“Sure, let’s go.”
He grinned, and they went deeper into the maze of glass, letting themselves get lost in all the reflections. Two minutes later they were in the centre, and Remy smiled as the lights around them went out, the faint glow of the blue spotlight above them bathing them in its eerie glow.
She looked at him, startled. “Is that supposed to happen?” Her instinct made her step closer to him.
“It does when you pay the carnie a hundred bucks to fulfil a fantasy.”
“Oh yeah?” A small smile graced her face. “And what would that be, babe?”
He pulled her closer and growled, his eyes turning to snake quickly. “Fucking the hell out of you surrounded by mirrors.”
Her body melted into his. “Um, god, I like the sound of that.” She hissed up at him, her eyes matching his.
“Your eyes are so beautiful, Chrissy.” Saying her name, he hissed it out so it sounded like ‘Crisssssy’. He growled and kissed her, taking her hand and guiding it to his groin where he was more than ready for her. “Say yes, Chrissy.”
She squeezed him. “Oh hell, yes!”
He groaned and moved his hands from her hips to the front of her low-rider jeans, quickly unbuttoning them and pushing them down her perfect thighs. “This would have been easier if you were wearing a skirt,” he mused as he went to his knees and pulled her pants to her ankles, helping her step out of them. “But I see you don’t wear underwear, so that’s good.” He kissed the seam of her thighs and slipped his tongue out, travelling higher ‘til it was deep between her soft folds. He groaned and sucked lightly.
She bucked and moaned, her hips moving of their own accord to press into him. The sensation his tongue provided was beyond amazing, and her hands went to his head to steady herself.
He chuckled into her and worked her a bit more before pulling back. “It’s your choice, pet, I can keep going, or…” He let his voice trail off and looked up to her, his eyes still very python and very male.
She shivered and licked her lips. “I want to watch you fuck me, baby.”
He smirked and came off his knees grabbing her behind the thighs and lifting her with him. He moved to a rather large mirror and pushed her back against it, licking his lips. “You taste so fucking good baby. Remind me to finish what I started at a later date.” He kissed her, and she tasted herself as his hands worked his belt and pants open quickly. He deepened the kiss as he slid into her wetness, and she was indeed more than ready for him.
She cried out as he filled her.
“God, you’re so fucking perfect.”
She grabbed the top of the mirror to steady herself as her legs wrapped tightly around him. Her lips met his as they kissed deeply.
He kept his eyes looking past her while he worked her flesh, one hand holding her hip, the other’s thumb playing a melody on her clit. He growled and fucked her hard, his pumping relentless and brutal. “You have got the best pussy, pet, and it’s all mine. You’re all mine.” Remy nuzzled the collar of her T-shirt over and his mouth found the mark from the night before, and he bit down on it, reinforcing his claim.
“Oh, yes!” She threw back her head, screaming, and came hard. “Please…” Her body bucked above him. Her lips moved down his face and neck, licking and kissing him.
He moved further to the side to give her room the reach the skin under his T-shirt from his collar and hissed, his pupils going to slits. His hand playing at her clit went further down and parted her pussy even more than his thick cock was, stretching her nerves tight, and his thumb went back to the circles on her clit.
She shivered and screamed, biting down on his offered flesh making him hers as she came violently around him. Her bite deepened, and her hands fell around his neck.
Magic swirled around them like thick cotton. They could both see it in the reflections, their auras, his a pale green, hers a stunning yellow, mixing around them. They were bound by life forces, now and forever. He shuddered and panted, finally letting go of her skin. “God, that was epic,” he said and looked down at her grinning.
Her body went limp in his arms, completely spent. “You can say that again,” she murmured against his shoulder, her pink tongue lapping at his wound.
“Baby? You have to see your shoulder.” He turned them so that she could the scrolling design that was where he had bit her in the side mirror peeking out from her stretched collar.. “That’s really fucking cool.”
She frowned. “Yeah, if not a little odd, should that happen?”
He shrugged. “Maybe. I haven’t ever been mated before. What does mine look like?”
She pulled back, grinning. “It’s the same, only bigger.”
He kissed her and pulled out of her slowly. “Fantastic. I think we should go, don’t you? We got some more tickets…” he said, smiling at her.
She kissed him and slipped down his body. “Yeah, we still have to go look at the freaks. Think there are any bearded ladies?” Her body bent double as she quickly slipped her jeans back on. “Well, that was quite a fantasy you had there.”
He fixed himself, tucking his cock and shirt into his jeans, zipped up, and smirked. “Made more memorable thanks to you, Mate.”
She grinned at him, worrying her bottom lip. “Yeah…Mate.” Oh god…Mate.
He kissed her sweetly and wrapped his arm around her waist, steering her towards the mirror exit.

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I hope this is still open, I loved the excerpt you posted. I love the idea of were-snakes!

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Wow, this looks super interesting and did I mention HOT?! Love it :)