Friday, March 31, 2006

i do love getting work done...

so as it is, we have 15k+ on the snake were story, its really going well. we have one chapter, and epilogue to do, then a shit load of bulking up... when we start stories like this, they do everything they can to get them out to us early (meaning the characters) and then after the gist of the story is down, they go back with us and fine tune it by adding a good portion of discription. this makes me happy. Audra and i have decided that we should possibly do another one, and odds are we will, but just sit on it till we need it.

We got our editor assignment for Cobblestone, and im extremely happy, we are just now waiting on edits... for both CP and for Phaze... so well see what we gotta do there.

our biggest question right now is where to send this story... and damn if the name isnt freakin awsome. Should we send it to CP? or maybe to forbidden? LSB? Loose ID? New Concepts? Lord knows.... Ill have to see about stuff.

Back to writing....


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