Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sexy right? Well hes out model for the first dragon in our Elementals series. His name is Char, and well, youll get to meet him soon enough. Hes a fire elemental, which is fitting given his personality.

So anyways, we still have yet to get our editor assignments from either of our publishers, and im really hoping we dont get them both at once.

Our promo ideas are in full swing, and i think anyone going to Nationals and the NJRWA confrence in october, and of course, any thing else i decide to get out to, will be plesently surprised. I just love giving out free stuff, and while this kinda stuff is different from the work i used to do in promotions (actually promoting a book and a band are relative) im still getting the hang of OL promotions. Well see how well we do with that...


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Suzette said...

Sounds good, cant wait to read it!