Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wishes, Surge Submission...

Marsh walked into the lavish living room and saw the beauty pouring herself a drink from the brandy decanter. It was true that he had been sent in to meet her, but god if she wasn’t fine as hell. Cash said to watch her, do anything to gain her trust, and Marsh fully intended on doing just that.
The woman was all curves in all the right places, a mane of hair that would do a lion proud. Good god, hips made for fucking and a set of lips ripe for a cock. He was going to enjoy this, a lot.

She noticed him standing to the side of the doorway, more in the shadow then in the doorway, and he was certain that this gorgeous little human wasn’t sure how he got into the room without her noticing the door opening.
“So, you’re Janey? You’re the little tart Taylor sent me to work with on this? Or was it sent me to play with? I can’t remember, but I think I shall enjoy the later more, you like the sound of that?”

She regarded him with a bit of interest. “I suppose I might ... of course I’ll have to put you through some very... rigorous testing...”
Yeah she was interested alright, but then again, most women were, until they got into it. Then that was a whole another ballgame. “Yeah? Well... I’m sure I can oblige you woman... lord knows I need some rigorous activity to get be back in the swing. You like it raw baby?”

The look in her eyes was enough of an answer. She smirked at him. “Raw and wild.” She ran her hands over her body, over the luscious curves that were her ample breasts and he was close to salivating. This woman had no clue as to who she was playing with. Taylor told him that it would be a “Who fucks who” situations to prove who was boss in this job, and Marsh planned on being the one to win this little battle of the sexes.

Sounds good doesnt it? Well it better, its my story. Wishes just got picked up by the sexy ladies at Phaze and both Janey and i are estatic... Be on the look out... the story is all true, i swear. *Wink*



Jessie Verino said...

Ooooh, this sounds very intriguing and so hot it scorched my poor little eyes!

Can't wait to read it!


Suzette said...

Can you say, "HOT!"