Sunday, March 26, 2006

our SURGE cover and other things.

Well thats our cover for WISHES. Cool right? i thought so. So we are just waiting for our editor assignment (for both Phaze and for Cobblestone press) and well be set.

We re submitted the original body of work to Phaze after we paired it down. its still over 85k, but i think cutting over 11k from it was quite astonishing. And today i learned all about promo items i never thought about... so well have some sweet goodie bags at nationals. its all going well...

oh yeah... I did a new site today here and its all about the series and the books... theres links on the author site to it. and did i mention we have a CHATROOM on it? Yippee! so all the character chats will be on there. so i was busy today.. hella busy!


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Suzette said...

Cool Cover!