Sunday, July 16, 2006

Back to work.. in so many ways...

Marsh and Janey have been sent to Phaze for consideration, and stupid me, i started yet another project. this time its a somewhat short story, and i got about 2k down in an hour last night it really flowed from me, but it needs bulking, what i have so far, and im hoping i wasnt under the influence too badly last night to right it off as drivle. We will have to see.

So Now, with audra coming for nationals on the 26th, we have just enough time to finish Arcady and Snow, which really only needs a fight scene and the epilogue, things that Audra already has partially finished. Marsh and janey ended up at 38, 391 words, and Arcady and Snow will probably be around 70k, seeing as right now its it 68... i think.

So the 26th-30th Audra will be here in the states, which rocks, and well be going to RWA nationals for ONE DAY ONLY. it sucks i know but we needed to get our asses there, and with family comitments, and audra's short stay, we are trying to fit it all in. Thank god we didnt register.

So when our fun time is finished (not couting the promo we have to do for Blessings with MGP) then its back to work full steam on current projects. What projects? Our dragons (that have apparently caught the intrested of the EIC at MGP), our Fallen Series (which is going to be mentally draining), our Ghosts (still trying to figure a direction on that Horror set up), Lady Luck (Jake and Nina need to get back in the saddle and get to being intresting again), and our Cursed objects submission. its going to be a very wild august.

I do have Dragons Book two, titled Deep water, about 1k, which is good cuz we had nothing, only the premise a short time ago. Book one, Fire in his Eyes, is going well, albiet slowly, but im hoping that changes after nationals...

And now we need to find another Siren. One of our own left for her own reasons, which sucks, though we wish her the best. So finding someone new we gel with is going to be a PITA.

off to work.

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Aurelia Abbott said...

Are you taking applications for Sirens?