Sunday, July 09, 2006

We have our main release date.

Sugar and Sin will be out (god willing theres no holdups) August 25th. Aud and i are freaking out, and it looks like the girls on the street teams are excited as well. Major step for us as this is the book that started us writing, and its finally going to be published.

This is going to be a pretty good summer. So, updates! We have narrowed it down for our author branding, there 5 slogans we like so, well keep you posted on that, still looking for the perfect icon though. Poo.Marsh and Janey will be done in a few days. I have it back in my possession, and Today, after work, MArsh is going to do it like it should be done. im hoping by tuesday well have our part finished and that Aud can look at it once more.
Our edits will be in in a week or so. It shouldnt be that bad grammar wize, we have two people look it in the past 7 months. OOh and the edits for Blessings, our straight mainstream paranormal is in. Im really surprised we actually pulled it off (though Cash is still threatening death and desertion if we try writing something that fluffy again... and hes right)
So now, with the book coming hoping the Anthology will do better. After all, people want backstory dont they? And you can pick this awsome little ditty up at, in either print or E book fashion. Its 9 stories from the Afterverse including The Sleeping, our short story with Pretty Scary. Youll meet some new characters in this book, and some that youll come to love soon enough. Interested? Pick it up HERE
the last but not least update is that Book two, Silk and Steel,(the tennitive name of course) will be to our Publisher by the projected date of July 21st. We are going to celebrate with a big excerpt party at Eververse, with a bunch of authors we know and love comming to give everyone a great time.(i hope... these things never work out for me so well see).
So on to todays musings...

Why the hell is HEA so damn important? Im sorry life isnt happily ever after and with so many cookie cutter books out there, whats the problem of being different? Well the problem is that it takes longer to get published. We have been guilty of changing things, mostly the end of a story, to fit the HEA mold. Well im happy to say we dont have to anymore. Granted some things might be depressing, but on the whole, i think our endings are pretty damn good. True some are going to have the HEA, cuz lets face it, some characters need it, but most arent, and the book isnt going to end on a down note, but a nutral one. its all a question of presentation i think, and i think that you can have a book that isnt HEA in the romance genre, and still do well with it, if its marketed correctly. For us, if a story is a HEA story, it will end with HEA. if its not, and its just a story, a damn good one, then its going to stay true to form.
So why the fuck is HEA so damn important as a reader? i dont like them much and think the cheese is inflated when i see them in a book that could have had a better ending if they werent forced into the mold of HEA. gimme something dark anyday...


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Jodie said...

Congrats on the release date!

RE: HEA, I think if it's not advertised as a Romance then go for gold. But a romance does require a happy ending...well at least that's what I get them for. There is enough sad ending in the world and I read to escape that *g* But ya know, I like it AND hate it, when secondary characters I've grown to love are killed off. Some authors pull them off really well.