Saturday, July 15, 2006

First review for Beyond the Vision of Dreams

4 Stars!!!!

Reviewed by Michelle Ellis © 2006
Genre: Dark Fantasy/Shapeshifter
Heat Index: Erotic/Extreme
Book Length: Mid-Category
Publisher: Forbidden Publications
Price: $3.99

Beyond the Vision of Dreams has an excellent premise. People who are snakes! I found this amazingly intriguing. Stella and Audra Price do have some good plot ideas up their sleeves.

From the first word I thought this was going to be a sleazy porn story, as the first paragraph describes a dream, with rather colourful language/imagery. Giving the book a chance, as it does indicate ‘Extreme’ in the heat index, I read on.

Remi Crane belongs to a ‘nest’ of snakes. Sexually frustrated, he had many dreams of mating. With sex predominant in his mind, his thoughts on his dilemma, he bumps into a woman in the foyer of the nest. Said woman, Chrissy Stanford, has come to live at The Compound (nest) and Remy knows he will have to administer restraint when she is around.

Chrissy meets the nest leader, Elise, who shows her round The Compound. I found the idea of humans changing into snakes quite unusual, though I will admit to not reading this type of premise before. The snakes in this nest have a ‘changing room’ where they change into snakes before going out to hunt. The whole mental image from this scene made me light up inside. I thought, ‘Well, how cool!’ Really did enjoy this part.

Reece, another snake at The Compound, for the brief moment he appears in the story, is an utter pig! I wanted to slap him at the very least, and kick him where it hurt at most!

With the mention of a carnival ride called ‘The Zipper’ I was instantly transported back in time to my childhood. This ride was THE scariest thing on earth to me. I went on it once and lost all my money when it spun upside down…ahem, back to the review…

So, not giving any more of the actual story away, I will say I enjoyed this shapeshifter story. It didn’t grip me as some tales do, but held my interest. I wasn’t bored, which is the main thing! Not one for the traditional HEA, this tale didn’t smack of ‘Oh bloody hell these two are going to end up together’ as you get that idea from the start. It’s more of a ‘I’m glad they did get together’ story.

Best part? The premise itself. Brilliant idea.
Permission granted for the authors to use this review.

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