Friday, October 26, 2007


Lots to do today! Tomorrow I'm leaving for Mass. at 730 am, to trive 4 hours to do the bestest and biggest signing I will probably ever headline. Where? The Paranormal Romance Book Club's Author signing of both Me and Bianca D'Arc! its taking place in Marlborough MA at 2-4pm and its Halloween themed in the Borders there. I'm excited. I'm ecstatic i get to go back and hangout with the girls. Last time there they were the COOLEST, so im happy Bianca is coming with me!
So ill have copies of all three books to sign, and i cant wait to just chat it up with everyone!

So Im packing today, finishing getting all the goodies ready to go, Figuring out what in blazes in going to wear, and gotta get a bag packed for Sunday as well. Why? Arent i just going home? NOPE> we are hitting up Salem MA and im going to be doing some awesome promo as we walk around. Im giving away some goodies and such.... So that should be fun too.

I learned something about myself. I'm always working. Always. I know that my career is my calling card, and im not content to just let it get to where i want it to go without the work it takes to get there. Did that make sense? I'm just not going to sit around and let our Career fizzle because of the hardships we have to endure and overcome. I know Rome wasn't built in a day, and Im not even presuming to think that we are the be all end all, but i do know this, WE are the future. I dont rush anything because i know the time will come, but it wont come if we don't deserve it. Thats why i work my ass off promoting, doing signings, and events to just GET MY NAME OUT THERE. thats why every chance i get Im finding another way to get the work out there, and not ever letting anything get in the way of that.

As a career, my writing is the most important thing to me, Just like my hunny's most important thing is his band. Why? because its what we have passion for and what we know makes us happy. We take the pitfalls in stride, and learn from them, both pushing towards that ultimate goal: notoriety. I dont let anything get in the way of it. Being a writer isnt a part time job, especially if your small press like us. Its something you need to do 75% of your time. There are sacrifices that need to be made in order to attain your goals *just like in everything* but the rewards are worth it....

Because Im always working at something to get us known in another way, I have every hope that Audra and I will do well. Our work speaks for itself, and the readers that we have won over have spoken as well. When we go that next step we are going armed, both with knowledge and a sense of completion. I really think that events like this weekend and the previous weekends are helping us on the way to greatness, and we have it in us to get further.

Now just to show the world.

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