Sunday, October 28, 2007

Signings, Penis Chocolate and Salem... Stella's Weekend.

Ok so first and formost.... i LOVE the Paranormal Romance Book Club! Those Ladies are all off the hook and always make me feel like a goddamn rock star. I have never been to a signing where someone has actually asked me a real QUESTION on our books... and it just felt so cool to be able to answer an ungeneralized question. I mean i know i probably gave away a lot... but damn its fun. And Ladies, I'm working on the Companion and the Visual companion. So its in the works.

We did a lot at the signing, and to all the PBRC ladies, you really mean the world to me.

Bianca was a star as well. Seriously i have never seen people so rapt at attenion as when she was talking about her dragons. I know shes got a slew of new fans now and im SO happy i got to share the experience with her. She rocks the damn house!

Dinner kicked major ass! I swear i cant get enough of hangout with these chicks... oh and they made me penis chocolates! What fun! Im sending a bunch of goodie to Audra, she will be happy to get some fun stuff. Oh and Carla.. dont think i forgot... Puddle, the Blog is coming soon! HEH.

Salem was WILD! I got a new Faerie Wand, complete with a quartz and a amethyst crystal. Its beautiful, and perfect. I also got some cool bracelets, some new herbs and my mum some cool stuff for Yule. Shes going to be happy.

it was all in All, a great weekend, and now i have another signing this weekend with B and rene. CANT wait!

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Suzette said...

Glad it went well. I truly wish I could have made the signing. It just seems that with moving back to PA i really have no time to do anything but work and if I'm lucky spend time with my husband who I only see on his two days off, if he gets two days off. Just know that Im here in the background jumping for joy at all the signings you have layed out and keeping my fingers crossed that you all get many new fans.