Friday, October 12, 2007

A wild Saturday ahead

So tomorrow, Saturday the 13th, is going to be a wild one for me. A fucking whirlwind. Today wasnt any better. Maybe i should start there. Today i was on my first every radio interview. It was with Melissa Alvarez and OMG i love her. Such an awesome chick! We read Tarot, a Melissa is a clairvoyant, So it was fun all around. On and She LOVED the tarot cards we did for the Tease Tarot line. I gave a shout out to Audra, she was surprised. Needless to say it rocked.
So After that it was apple pie making *3* and then getting packed for tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be wild.
Philadelphia all day for several promotional opportunities, Including Faerie Con, which my girl Robin Slick! So much fun i cant wait. We are supposed to meet up with Rene and her family there, so that will be nice.
So then Robin and I have to hightail it to a panel given by the Push to Publish people at the University of Pennsylvania in University City. Apparently, this seminar is sold out, and Robin pulled me on last minute to help out. Im Soo Stoked! I just hope i dont look like a complete asshole. After that... Its off to Robin's Bookstore on 13th St!
the New Generation of Romance Booksigning is featuring myself, Rene, Robin, Bianca D'Arc, Cat Johnson, Philippa Grey-Gerou and Marie Carroll. We are going to be doing a panel Q and A as well as a signing and thats from 4-6. then i think dinner. OOh its going to be such a good time. Lots of promotions, and hopefully a good ass-load of books sold!
So im up before the sun tomorrow to get the hair done, get dressed and do the makeup. We have to meet robin in CCphilly by im off to bed to read a bit and relax.. and hopefully sleep early.
SOOOOO excited!


Rhian said...

that sounds great! have a fabulous time.

Suzette said...

I wanted to go to this one so bad! I hope you have a great turnout