Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

So this year has been the oddest of all my 28 years.Why? Because I got stuck spending new years with the In laws. Yep. Now normally this isnt really a problem, it was the subject of the evening that has possibly put me in therapy.
Anyone ever see that ben stiller movie The Heartbreak Kid? you know the one with the Wild sex scenes, the clit piercing and nasty hairy muff, Jerry Stiller calling people pussy cocks left and right, and the donkey Show... that one? Yeah well guess who got stuck watching it with there future Mother and father in law? Yep. you guessed it. Moi. And this normally wouldnt be the biggest scaring situation of 07/08 but Joe's parents are not normal. they are rather uptight.. si this was really uncomfortable.
To top it all off, I was SOBER through it all, and STILL AM. nope, no partying for me this year... this year it was gathering fodder for my therapist.. the one that I have resolved to visit after this episode.
I hope Aud has a better new years, but word had it Neil was banned from their neighborhood pub for a brawl. Lord only knows whats going on with her. Ill have to wait and see. But seeing a Donkey Show with my future mother in law? NOT COOL.

So i hope you ALL had a great new years, and drank a couple with me in mind. I'm hoping that 2008 is fruitful for all my friends and us, cuz with all our hard work, we deserve it. So heres to fabulous contracts, fulfilled dreams, amazing sales and good good things the full year for everyone! Happy New Year!

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Suzette said...

LMAO! I feel so bad for you! Still, it sounds rather funny from here. I read Parallel Desire that night till midnight, then went to sleep. No drinking here either. I had to work and was in no mood to wake up slightly sick or hungover. Besides, I dont really drink that much and probably would have only had some wine. May this new year be a year filled with lots of love, happiness, and continued success! Cheers luv!