Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sexy Sexy Sexy!

OK was it any wonder that Clive Owen is like one of the hottest men alive? Not to me, but it was just reaffirmed with the movie Shoot Em Up. OMG. As if he could get hotter, but you know what? He does... I mean hes sexy, hes brittish and hes apparently got it all going on... and did i mention hes got a killer arse? Yep i shit you not. SO sexy.
So hes on my List... TOTALLY... And just so you guys know, hes our muse for our soon to be introduced psychic cop, Alec Evans, or Evans for short. A new resident of the Eververse and Shadow Heights, hes going to give Spinner a run for her money... Sexy, yummy and caustic, i think C.O. is the best representation we could ever find for him...

Ooey Gooey Yummy, Clive, your a top 5.


Anna said...

Oh most defintley! Clive is very sexy. I've been drooling over him since he did King Arthur. I can't wait to see Shoot'em Up!

Suzette said...

He is so yummy! I also am into Gerard Butler these days.