Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jewelry, Squirrles and Submissions...

Lots going on this week. Mostly to keep my mind off the submissions we still have pending. Im a wreck because of it, so I have been trying to channel my energies into other pursuits. Jewelry has become one of them, and so has writing, obviously. I finished a solo short, and its going into the editor this weekend, after i give it the once over, and Audra and I are slowly adding to the new book but at least its getting done.
Im hopeful we will get this finished to send to our beta for Christmas holidays, as I want this ready to go for RT so I can pitch. I dont think its a hard thing to do. Im scared, because I have never pitched before, but I think it will be good for me, though im going to have to work on said pitch with our Beta. Thank god shes more grounded then me, shes already helped me greatly on that end.
In personal news, Audra's sugar gliders are pregnant. Shes eager to see the babies, but is freaked out by all the singing the female does to the pouch, and all the barking the male (batfink) does when people go near the cage. Squirrles are not suppoed to bark. Period. So this holiday should be an interesting one for her to say the least.
Me? Well nothing good to report, nothing bad either. Im hoping we will have contract news soon but I'm honestly not holding my breath. But, with the jewelry, I have started a Etsy store, and Im so excited. Im designing steampunk jewelry, and accessories, and Im working into a few other things. Looking forward to opening on the 15th. If you are reading this, and stop by Stella by Starlight, and find something you JUST have to have, convo me on etsy, and I will cut out the shipping, and you will have it in your grubby mitts before christmas. Everything comes giftboxed and with a special Stella by Starlight tag.
Well thats me. Im off to get some writing done before the supplies for the rest of the jewelry come. Audra and I are averaging between 2-8k a day. Im saying it a good thing.

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