Friday, November 07, 2008

Work is never done

Yep. It seems it keeps piling up. But I keep putting stuff off to write. I feel thats the true face of an author, the fact that everything else can sit and scratch when the muse is upon you. I have missed our muse for a while now, but we are so involved in this new series, and these new books that everything is falling into place.

Though we are still waiting on submissions, and I admit I truly hate waiting. Im anxious to get these books placed you know? Though i know things are hard all over, so I shall try to be patient, and hope for the best.

I'm working on some new jewelry and Happy about how its turning out. If you wanna see, check out my store Stella By Starlight on Ooh and if you mention this blog post you'll get free shipping. Just convo me before you buy the piece so I can relist the piece. All pieces come gift boxed, with a holigram box, ribbon and a Stella by Starlight tag. And maybe some cool goodies as well.. Heh

So Im very excited about our new president as well. Audra and I had been chatting about me moving to Scotland if McCain won... So I guess it all worked out, LOL.

Back to writing. We are kicking major ass with this one. Im looking forward to finishing it though, because we have 5 more books in the same world brewing and percolating. LOL.


Isabelle Santiago said...

I'll be honest, I'm a little jealous your muse is cooperating. Mine has gone on some sort of vacation. :-\

Good luck with the submissions! I know how tedious waiting can be. I check my email like every ten minutes. And then get angry when all I have is junk mail.

Btw- Your etsy store has AMAZING stuff. So original.

Stella Price said...

LOL thanks hun. But to be fair, the muse left Aud and I alone for the better part of 2008... so we are making up for lost time so to speak. We have a WIP list that needs to get done a mile long.

And thank you SOOO much! I love doing this kinda work so its a lot of fun to show it off (and Sell)