Monday, November 17, 2008

Marsh has taken over.

Well the new book is on hold right now. Marsh showed back up and is demanding that the short we are adding for the print book of London for the Holidays (out this December in E book) needs to be finished so he can go on "vacation". I didn't think fictional characters went on vacation (Well mine don't, they all kinda hangout while I'm not writing them drinking up all my tea and eating all the good snacks) so this is news to me. Hopefully Audra and I will get this done and done by wed as Syrus is seriously pissed off and wants to get to his rooftop nookie.

We are still waiting on the snake submission for the novella's. Im so keyed up about it I'm almost to the point of paranoia. With everything going on so crappy this year, I feel like we need a win somewhere. I was hoping this was going to be it, and we would have the Novella's back on our release list with a damn good publisher to annouce this year, but it doesnt look like thats going to happen at this point.

2008 has been a wasted year for writing for us. With the wedding, and now Audra geting back in the swing so slowly... Im frustrated and trying to figure out ways to get shit back on track. Its not that easy. I still have hopes though, that the remainder of the year will turn around.

Dont forget, we are taking part in the Winter Wonderland Scavenger Hunt with some of the best names in E book! (Why we are involved is anyones guess) and you can check it out HERE. Lots of great prizes, enter and win!

Im back to working on Marsh before Audra gets on. Hopefully I'll bang out another 500 words.

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