Monday, January 25, 2010

Contest: Help us decide who everyone is!

Well today is a day for me to be optimistic. With the new book out, I have been wanting to do a fun contest with Storycasting since we signed on over there in 2008. We have done some small ones, but we want this one to be huge! So, onward!

Starting today, Monday January 25th, we will be asking you, the reader to pop by and casting our new book, Entwined by Fate. What? YOu havent read it yet? Well you can get it HERE in print or HERE in e book.

When you cast, make a comment on our cast after you have cast yours you will be entered to win a very fabulous prize!

What Prize?

How about a Signed print copy of Entwined by Fate and a fantastic custom candle created for the book. it is scented in neroli and merlot, and as soon as I have the picture of it, I will be posting it!
This prize is a 45$ value!

So here's the info:

Contest is open to US only this time guys, at least for this prize, Why? because it costs about the amount the prize is worth to send it overseas, Sorry! If you are overseas and wanna play for something else... we can do that...

Contest Runs from January 25-Feb 25th One Month. Its enough time to get your read on and really make a good suggestion for the characters (And we cant wait to see who you pick, We haven't come to concrete decisions on any of them except Homer!)

Extra entries for anyone Retweeting this contest: +2

Extra entries for anyone who casts any of our other books: +2 per book

So good luck to everyone, I'm hoping this will be a lot of fun!

ETA: For those overseas, we will be offering a gift certificate to the Candle maker we use so they can get their own custom candle!



SiNn said...

i casted them and i have older casts of ur books do those count or do u want new ones?

SiNn said...

recasted the books crosses my fingers would love to win lol

screen name is Ghostssinner