Thursday, January 14, 2010

Updates and a plea

Hey all!

So Entwined by Fate is in the queue for Amazon, which makes me quite excited! See that's the problem with small press. They put the book in and then HOPE to get it in by the time it needs to be. I don't have any clue if it will be available on Tuesday, but we can all hope!

Saturday I will be doing another Sexy Saturday Sex Scene post, and I got a bunch of my fellow authors to rock the posts too. So expect something from Bianca D'Arc, Cat Johnson, Tilly Greene, Allie Boniface, Diana DeRicci, Selena Illyria and more! Remember, all you have to do is read the excerpt, comment about the background song and you could win! This week from me and Audra, you will be getting a very naughty piece from our Duvall Inc series.

So today is writing a bit, and getting ready for the release coming up. Tomorrow Entwined by Fate releases in e book version, and I'm very excited! You still have OODLES of chances to win goodies to help us celebrate this release!

Now, on a more positive note, if you are interested in the snakes, and want them in print, Please consider picking it up on the 19th, and helping us hit a visible high on Amazon's numbers. This book is different, and unique, and we are hoping to show the powers that be in romance that weresnakes are SSEXY and readers want to read them. This will only happen if we all get together and show them that this book, and this idea is in demand! So on Tuesday, stop by here, and then pop over to the amazon page, and help us get this book the recognition it deserves!

Thanks to everyone thats following our bloggy and helping us get this book where it needs to be! We are almost there!