Monday, January 18, 2010

its available! the sweets with the sour

hello all.

So today i woke up to a virus in my OS, and now I posting this via the desk top in my moms room because my lappy is dead. Must get it fixed in a few hours once the hunny gets home with the car and I can go to best buy. I'm praying i dont need a new computer, so please, think good thoughts.

Still, i just found out that Entwined by Fate is available NOW on amazon! YAY! please make my day worth waking up for and go and buy it, cuz im seriously upset here, and need a pick me up, and what better way then knowing people will be picking up our new book?

I spoke to Audra this morning, and shes quite excited, as am I, and we have some new stuff in the works this coming few months once Little Ace is born.

So please, go buy the book, and help us prove to the masses that Weresnakes are the next big thing. The more it sells, the more amazing opportunities could happen for those of us that write outside the box and spin good stories!

Thanks to everyone, ooh and if you do pick it up this week, I will mail you a weresnake goodie pack to go with it with magnets, a sticker, signed book flat and bookmark. Just email me at and let me know you picked it up!

Thanks everyone!


Isabelle Santiago said...

Congrats on the release, Stella! I really really hope your issues with lappy are resolved. I know in the past, my comp issues have ruined whole weeks, so I sympathize. HUGS.

Diana Castilleja said...

Super Huge Congrats on your release! I hope to grab it when payday swings through. Hopefully there'll be a little left.

Good thoughts on the comp too. *fingers crossed*

Selena Illyria said...

*Hugs* I hope it can be fixed. Congrats on your new release. :-)