Wednesday, May 05, 2010

RT Recap: Friday! (with costumes!)

Yesterday's winner was Carol L. Email me at and Ill get your goodies out.

Friday was my busy day. I had a panel in the morning, Club RT party, expo after that and then the big party for the night. Friday was stella's steampunk day, and I wore my cute steampunk outfits (and YES, I wear these as normal clothing, I dont dress up for photo shoots and play poser, I just dont wear my goggles all the time.)

So this is my day clothes, and yes, I was SUPER comfortable.

This was my awesome evening outfit. Yes, the Skirt is from ChicStar, and it was the BEST BEST BEST thing to compliment the full outfit. I dont think I could find a better fitting and breatable skirt for this (cuz lets face it, DAMN I was trussed up!)

There are tons of pictures of me floating about from the Vamp ball, but heres a bunch of others from my freinds:

Cool right? We had a great time. Saturday is coming up... and it was the best day, the signing!

So todays question: What would you wear to the vamp ball if you didnt have to be a vamp?


s7anna said...

That is such a wicked cool outfit! Can't wait to see what you come up for other events.


Robin K said...

I would wear lots of black and a long trench coat. Perhaps throw in some leather an buckles too :)

Cathy M said...

I would go as a virgin victim, lol. A flowing white dress, bite marks on my neck and wrist, each with a trickle of blood.


Kel said...

Okay, I love your hat. Seriously... the outfits are wonderful, but the hat just makes it.


Kel said...

... and I was so caught up with the outfits, I missed the question of the day.

I think I'd probably go to the Vamp Ball as a vampire, even if I didn't have to. I need to break down and finally get the good set of teeth caps made.

Although, I'm the crazy lady that played in a vampire LARP as a Fae. Something about showing up in a brocade houppelande just really amused me.

Isabelle Santiago said...

I love love LOVE your outifts. You looked amazing! That skirt is killer.

Carol L. said...

You look fantastic. That skirt is looking great on you.Again, your pictures are awesome.If I didn't have to go as a Vamp then I'd probably go as a Dark Angel.:)All black lace and velvet.
Carol L.

Suzette said...

Both outfits are great! I voted for you on chickstar.

I'd go in skin tight leather(if I had the body for it) like Kate Beckinsale in Underworld

SiNn said...

humm good qyuestion id have to say id wear a gothic type outfit maybe mix ina lil steam punk and deff finish off with some goggles or barrow my fiances shades

I love those pictures u are so adorable