Monday, May 24, 2010

Winner for the Download Dante Party and info

Ok, I have been such a mess the past few days since the release, but Since its my birthday, Im deciding to do the winner of the AWESOMELY attended Download Dante Party on twitter and Several blogs. Everyone had to totally amazing time, and Im really excited that so many awesome bloggers were into rocking the release with us. Thank you All again, you guys were so awesome to do it.

Ok so without further adieu, the winner of the three backlist books is Lillie H. Congrats! I'll be in contact with you to see what books you want (e book only, sorry!)

So you wanna win something? Im giving away something on the TRS blog today... so go and check it out... See? my birthday and you get the presents!

So, I got my birthday present from Joe. He got me the Tiffany & Co. key I wanted. See I believe that at least once in every girls life, they should get the blue bag, and the little blue box with the white ribbon, and the little blue pouch with the jewelry in it from Tiffany & Co. My thing was, I'm not a big jewelry fan in general, because I'm not all about status. When I saw the keys, I wanted one right away, but not one of the insane ones with the diamonds. Nope. I wanted and got the midnight titanium one. It fits me better then some glittery sparkly thing. Its almost flat black, and perfect for my style. So now, as he said, I don't have to wear my octopus all the time, if ever. Bastard. I knew he had an agenda. HEH.

Seriously though, its been a pretty good birthday weekend. LOST last night, and a full Monday just for me. Not too bad. Lets hope 31 is an awesome year.

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