Tuesday, May 04, 2010

RT Recap: Thursday.

Monday's winner is Sandy Jay. Email me at stella@stellaandaudra.com and I'll get your addy.

Thursday was a lot of fun. Since I didnt have anything major to do, I did a lot of walking around, had some lunch with Bianca D'Arc and Tilly Greene, and collected promo goodies.

Thursday night we had the Faerie Ball, and I was a faun. Infact I was videoed during the farie ball with my wicked horns on. Yes they were heavy, but damn did they look good. So heres some pictures:

From top: Stella (in the horns) Ash and Liz Darvill, some of the readers in their faerie garb, Liz darvill and Andrew Shaeffer, and Delilah Marvelle with Andrew Shaffer. Andrew was a Mr. Romance contestant but he wasn't the kinda Mr. Romance I detest. He is a writer, and his Non Fiction is coming out in Jan 2011 with Harper Perennial.

I had to take those horns off though mid party, and put on a set of smaller ones. But Damn were they awesome to wear.

So If you went to Faerie Ball, what would you dress up in? Remember this is for a book and some goodies, so have at it!


Robin K said...

I would dress up as a dark and dangerous faerie. Perhaps with no wings though. Hmmmm, now I need to think about it.

Tawania said...

I would dress up as a kick ass UF faerie.All black leather, and weapons. It might drop a few jaws, but it would be way fun!


Sarah said...

Great pics - I love your costume! I already have a white & silver fairy costume from an event I went to with friends but I'd love to dress up as a gothic fairy in black & red / purple. I like Tawania's idea of going in leather LOL

Ladiesword said...

Yup, I have to agree with the others.
A faerie dress in black, but I have tail thats like a whip a dominatrix uses. hehehe, come here my pretties.

Isabelle Santiago said...

I'd probably want to do a Faerie Queen outfit. Something insanely over the top and magical looking. Lots of glitter. :)

You all looked so amazing. It looks like such a great time. :)

Cathy M said...

I think I would go with some leather. It's a great way to smooth out all those extra pounds, and showcases your best parts, lol.

So a sexy vampire or faery, with a red leather bustier and a black flowy skirt, and black hi-heel boots.

s7anna said...

I would dress up as a dark fairy...costume colour in black & purple...with really broad wings in a kaleidoscope of colours.


Carol L. said...

I'd love to go as a faery Bride from the dark side of the Fae.An all black wedding gown. A faery Ball would be an exciting and fun place to be just to see the costumes.
Carol L.

SiNn said...

i love those pictures stella!