Saturday, September 11, 2010

Almost ready!

Well AAD is around the corner and I'm feeling a bit better about it because I have all my own stuff finished. Packing, my basket and all the goodies and candy and alcohol. Yes. Its good to have a lot off your plate.

Im still waiting on a few more boxes of books and some gift baskets, but on the whole I would like to say Im seriously ready for this. And not a day too soon! With the new book coming out on Monday, Im trying to get myself into promotional mode. I did send out a few copies for reviews, so that is good, and Im trying to get ready for the days promotional. Harley is talking about a chat on monday... so that might be in the cards.

So whats on the agenda for today? Repacking to pair down the boxes, and tonite, Resident Evil Afterlife, and maybe even the Blue Martini in Newburgh with Larissa from Larissa's Life. That should be fun.
Excited? You should be there are some awesome authors and publishers and its not to be missed, especially if your in the area!

Ok, im back to work, and Im hoping to get stuff finished today and just have a lie in tomorrow before the real craziness of the week ahead happens...

I cant wait for AAD now. Im excited because its so close, and I cant wait to see everyone. Its going to be a seriously cool weekend, Lots of goodies and books and mayhem. I really cant wait though Im nervous that all my prep will go a little pear shaped and people wont have a good time. But thats the issues you deal with when your rocking a convention. Everyone had a good time last year, Im just hoping I can duplicate that.

So that said, for those of you in the area that want a day pass, they are 35$ at the door. they also include the night party. IF you want a party only ticket (for the Masquerade) then its 25$. And dont forget... the booksigning is free to the public and we would LOVE to see you there!

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