Friday, September 03, 2010

A week and counting!

Until Harley comes to call! YAY! We are very excited about this book finally coming out, and we hope the fans are too! I have been nervous about this one, it took a while to finished (what with Audra being preggers and then having little Matthew) so I'm just glad its finally getting out there.

No reviews as of yet, Hell I havent even gotten our copies yet, so I'm hoping they will be forthcoming. So anyway, I'm thinking about the cool promotional I'm going to do for this book. And truth is, I got nothing. Harley has been making noises about a chat on the 13th, which I will probably let him do, so aside from reviews, I'm a bit at a loss.

What we DID decide to do is give away some cool goodies, namely a signed book cover of the book. How do you win? well you have to answer the question: What is the name of Harley's soon to be father in law?" (Yes this means you have to buy the book. Sorry but nothing in this world is given away for free, and second, why would you want promo of a book your not interested in reading?)

So the first ten people to send the answer starting on the 13th to will get the goodies.

More on the chat as we figure it out!

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