Monday, September 13, 2010

Harley's takeover.

Morning Ladies.

Stella Let me take over the blog while shes getting breakfast together, which for her consists of a cup of tea and I think a poptart, *Shudder*. So I'm live, and ready for your reading pleasure, well, my story is anyway. Aren't you glad? I sure as hell am.

So Im Harlequin Donahue, crown prince of Rummer, and all around fantastic Satyr. Call me Harley, never Quinn. Im looking forward to seeing what you sexy bitches think of my story, and the fucked up insanity I had to go through. Its not easy when your world gets turned upside down for stupid shit. *shrug* but I think I handled it well, and so did Arabella.

So Who has a question for me? I'm sure some of you do. I talked Stella into a chat later this evening, but since I got the computer now, I'm going to open up questions here on the blog before hand, I mean its only logical. So you got a question, Odds are I have an answer for you. Nothing is taboo... So have at me ladies... I'm an open book.



Sparklybearsy said...

Harley! i heart you.

Oh, and i think you need to give me a wrist collar, 'cause Stella told me i can't wear more than one neck collar =(

Stella Price said...

Wrist collar... Bear... seriously...

Ben can share you with the clan petal... Nothing wrong with that right?


Sparklybearsy said...

Heh yes Stella, i like the jewels ;) and i think it's hot to be claimed, but you know Ben owns me...but darn, for Harley i'd wear a secondary collar! lol!

As long as he shares with you, Harley i'll be happy =D

Stella Price said...

Ben always shares, its part of what it is to be Satyr... well kinda. You would make someone a fine Beloved petal though...

Minx said...

Finally made it!


Helloooo everybody, did I miss the saytr party :(

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