Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Final Halloween Hottie: James Purefoy

DUH! Anyone who knows me knows I have an unholy obsession with anything this man does. Ooey gooey yummy this man is, and hes in the first of my favorite Horror properties eva: RESIDENT EVIL!

Dont know who he was in that? He was Spence, the hottie bad guy that was shagging Mila. Yes... I live for any of those scenes, lol.

But wait, theres more! His Royal Hotness has also been Solomon Kane and that suits me just fine! Sadly we cant SEE the movie yet in the states, something I thing is a great injustice. So drool ladies, because Im going to. All day.

OOh and Yes, James is the muse for Dante, our Surly sexy fire demon that has all those issues with Xxieda, the feisty witch from NYC. Haven't read their story yet? well... its Called, YOU BURN ME and One lucky commenter will get the print copy in the not available yet Forever Shadow NEXT WEEK in their mailbox! I know right? totally cool! these are ARC's as the book wont be out till July in print, so you get an early shot at it.

OK So to win, gimme your top 5 horror movies! If at least three of them coincide with my top 5 (which I will post on Monday) then you win the book, some goodies and something else cool.

So have at it, and Joyous Samhain!


Scott Romanski said...

Nightmare On Elm Street(the original)
Friday The 13th(the original)
The Exorcist
Wes Craven's New Nightmare
Halloween(the original)

KellyS said...

Nope...never would have gotten that...even with more time, LOL, fun trying anyway!

Evil Dead/Army of Darkness
Nightmare on Elm Street
The Ring
The Grudge
Final Destination

I'm sure there's more...some of those f-ed up Japanese horrors that disturbed me severely, but these are ones I am not afraid to watch again!

Monica said...

OH Man. I don't watch that many scary movies....eeek.

1. Resident Evil...psh any of them.
2. Silent Hill
3. The Shining
4. Dawn of the Dead
5. Nightmare on Elm Street

Christine said...

The Omen (original)
Mothman Prophecies
Straightjacket (Joan Crawford)
Final Destination I

Lynn Crain said...

Nightmare on Elm Street (the original)
Halloween (the original)