Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Hotties: Michael Biehn

I got mad love for the past, and while he isnt my cup of tea these days, back when I was younger I used to watch Aliens daily... no not because Ripley was a bad ass, but because Hicks was Ooh la la la la la la la la! The only "man in uniform" i have ever found yummy, I wanted my own hottie Colonial Marine... Not to mention he played Kyle Reece in the original Terminator, and for its time, that love scene was wow smoking. One of the original hotties of the horror genre...

So ladies, Enjoy the hotness that was (and is) Michael Biehn

OOh just yummy. This one is also for Elizabeth Darvill... who shares in the Biehn love with me.

So, have you figured out my favorite Halloween Hottie Yet? No? well you got 2 days... Winner gets CHOICE of a print (provided I have it here), some awesome goodies, and a special ornament for their tree (or bush as it were, lol)

So comment... and good luck!


CarolB1977 said...

Wow! I'm so glad there are other fans of Michael! I love him so much I paid money and stood in line for an hour two years ago to have my pic taken with him at Dragon-Con and he even talked to my mom on the phone and listened while she gushed about the love scene in "Terminator," he's just a super nice guy! I keep the pic of us on my computer monitor at work and people keep asking me if he's my boyfriend :) Absolutely love Corporal Hicks.

Thanks for posting the yummy pics of him. He's my favorite Halloween Hottie!

Carol Brown

Stella Price said...

LOL its nice to know the hotties of old really havent lost it, or their fans!

KellyS said...

British, huh.......Lucky my life doesn't depend on this or I would be so dead! That knocks out any True Blood, cause I don't think Steven Moyer is very hot. It's not Robert Patterson (better not be!) Gary Oldman I love...but I don't know that he's uberhot...I mean I really like him, but.......I will try tomorrow, let me think on this:)