Friday, October 01, 2010

MY con schedule for next year is already filling out...

Its insane. I'm trying to get my appearances set up for 2011, and with the moving in the midsts of the year, its proving to be one HELL of a task. So far I have:

Arisia, January 14-17
Scotland, Feb 2011
ShevaCon, March 4-6
Steampunks Worlds Faire, May 20-22
MarCon, May 27-29
(Moving to SC, June, July)
Authors After Dark, August 11-14th
ConText, August 26-29th
DragonCon, September 2-5
AlbaCon, Sept. 30-Oct 2

Still deciding on others, trying to figure it all out. But the truth is, I must be out there this year. And with AAD and all, I really wanna make sure I'm all over the place this year. Its going to be a good one, and It looks like Ill be sharing a bit of the cons with my bff Brooke, and since it will be her first con year, it should prove to be one wild time.

I'm excited to go to Scotland for the babies birthday as well. I might not be there for the birthday (with ShevaCon the week after) but I'm looking forward to spending some time with Aud and Matthew and the fam on the other side of the pond.

Not so sure I'm looking forward to moving, but it is inevitable. At least Aud and the baby can come and hangout by the beach with me. It will be nice to get a house together and all, but... I dont know I dont think I'm very excited about it. I'm more interested in getting the career off the ground right now.

Still its probably good if i just learn to let go. LOL but its hard... Still Im excited about the events Ill be attending for the first time. I have heard nothing but awesome things about Arisia and DC and ShevaCon. So this is what I'm excited about.

OOh and if your reading this... I'll have a new blog post up soon for special Halloween goodies... so stay tuned...

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