Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hallowen Hotties: John Leguizamo

Yes yes... I picked a latin guy. Truth is hes yummy... and while most would pick Simon Green from Land of the Dead, You cant been the smarmy asshole that is Cholo in that flick... so, John Leguizamo is it.

Hes been in a bunch of horror flicks, incluing that POS The Happening, and the ever horrible Super Mario Bros. But nothing beats him as Cholo. So drool ladies. hes a bad ass.

Well Can you guess my #1 Eva? Well today is your last chance to... and I'll be announcing the winners of the halloween goodie bags tomorrow as well... so... get your ideas in, cuz it will be revealed tomorrow!


KellyS said...

Okay Stella...Since you're a death eater........Ralph Fiennes? Or maybe Henry Cavill...he was in some halloweenie movies as well as the Tudors! That's it, I guessed my best British now, LOL! PS....John is a hard one I always think of him in Spawn, ugh, not hot there, like him in Moulin Rouge though:)

Stella Price said...


But your right, hes a hard one. but in Land of the dead hes yummy. I normally see him as The Pest... which is by far one of my favorite movies...