Friday, May 25, 2007

28th birthday: the aftermath

Ok so i have offically been 28 for a little over a day. Yep. 28 isnt so bad really... well lets recap the day:
  • Joe got me some fantastic Cala lillies for my birthday
  • I set a handtowel on fire
  • borders had tarot cards on sale, i got two decks with hardcover books for under 10$
  • my grandparents bought me a cheesecake i wont eat.
  • got to see Pirates: at world end last night... OMG fantastic.
  • got to see the full trailer for transformers. OMG awesome
  • I got to sleep somewhat late.
Yep it was all in all a good day. and I love my flowers. Audra and I also wrote about 2k yesterday on a short story. I was rather excited. Im hoping we will be as prolific in the next month as e have been recently.

So the signing is a week and two weeks away from today. Tonite I'm going to NYC to see Bright Eyes with Joe and then I'm going back to NYC on Sunday for The Faint. ooh its a good birthday weekend. now to get some work done before i leave.

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Tilly Greene said...

To help you celebrate your bday...I'm slapping a tag on your backside :-)

For details check out:

Enjoy the weekend!