Friday, May 11, 2007

Stella on a hottie Binge... the muse is upon me!

Ok soo.... I have been watching WAY too many movies... while that normally is a good thing, Im also inclined to watch movies with the physical representation of the characters I and my sister write. So it gets a little tedious. Needless to say i have watched some REALLY disturbing films becoase of my characters avies... but sometimes its so worth it... So Here I'm going to blog about the top 10 actors we love....

Johnny Depp: Duh. Most women put him up top, and why not wouldnt you want him on top too? a sexy gifted 'omg hes so hot i wanna lick his skin off' kinda guy to haunt your dreams and fantasies? Our top pick movies for him: From Hell, Blow, Pirates, The 9th Gate.
His character from Eververse: Fallon Ipwisk.

James Purefoy: Ok i need to tell you, i would have this mans bastard children. Totally! Im a big fan of hottie british guys (as you will soon see...) and if they arent icky but wiry im even happier. Damn oh damn... love me some Purefoy.
Our top pick movies hes in: Resident Evil, George and the Dragon, Vanity Fair, ROME
His Character from Eververse: Dante Barratt (thanks Nadia!)

Colin Farrell: um... HELLO!? have you SEEN this man? dirty dosent describe it but good lord, what i could do to him with a bit of rope and a tubesock, LOL! Sex tape, the infamous tshirt Britney Spears got... Bad boy to the last... oh and you get a full wealth of knowledge of just how the boy gets down and what hes packing in Alexander's Directors Cut. need i say more?
Our top pick for movies: Alexander(yeah im so looking past the gay element), SWAT, The New World (its the tattoos and hotness that gets me in that horrible flick)
His Character from Eververse: Drake

Christain Bale: Ok... the man is flat out perfect. I mean hes sexy as all get out, and has played so many kinda of roles, and his accent is divine. not to mention hes totally in love with his wife... and is one of the hottest men on the planet. Yep. total love for him. not to even mention(but i will) that seeing him completely nude and running around with a chainsaw covered in blood in American Psycho brought whole new meaning to my interest in the male form when i was younger..
Our top pick of movies: American Psycho, Equilibirum, The Prestige
His Character from Eververse: Cassiel

Ryan Reynolds: HOT HOT HOT! and i dont do the hard body 'bigger boobs then i do' kinda guys but dear lord the man is beautiful. And hes a very amusing actor too. Pretty? hell yeah even if i remember his origins on the Nickelodeon teen soap FIFTEEN.
Top pick of Movies: Blade trinity, Amityville Horror, Waiting His Character from Eververse: Arcady Morrison

Sean Bean: yep, i ike me some old, 'always a better villain' Sean Bean. hes yummy,sexy and a woman could get tingles when he says the word "strawberry" with his real accent. *shivers* Hes a rough kinda hot... So you gotta love him.
Top pick of Movies: 007: Goldeneye, The Hitcher, national treasure.
His Character from Eververse: Leviathan (Levi)

Sean Patrick Flannery: Yeah i LOVE him. A lot would say hes obscure, but goddamn was at sexy guy. YUM.
Top pick of movies: Boondock Saints, Indiana Jones and the Last crusade
His Character in Eververse: Gage

Ewan McGregor: another sexy uk guy. sexy smile, sexy voice(and he can sing), and hes a damn fine, underrated actor. Not to mention you get a quick look at what hes packing in Trainspotting.
Top pick movies: Transpotting, Moulin Rouge, The Island
His Character in Eververse: Murphy

Josh Hartnett: you know, im not a huge fan of him, but hes amusing as hell. and hes a pretty good actor.
Top pick movies: Sin City, 40 days...40 Nights
His Character in Eververse: Amaro

Thomas Jane: OMG. So not at the bottom of the list for anything, that man is sin incarnate. just LOOK at him!i love me some TJ, and hes a fantastic actor in some REALLY crappy movies.
Top Pick movies: Deep Blue Sea, the Punnisher
His Character in Eververse: Andrei

Needless to say... Theres more but i had to pick 10.... food for thought though really, i mean People ask Aud and I how we write so quickly, and im sometimes loathe to tell them that if you had a steady stream of Hottie action on screen wouldn't you never lose your muse? Sometimes all you need is to curl up with a good movie and the muse starts talking... its my author tip of the day... get yourself a hit actor and drool for an hour or two.. all of a sudden, the possibilities are endless.


Kayleigh J. said...

For not listing Malcom Frost and his inspiration, I shall refuse to speak to you for the next...five minutes.

I am quite pleased to see Sean Bean in your top 10, though, since you've said mean things about him before. :P

Anonymous said...

And this is Rene hitting the floor in a dead faint from sensory overdrive.

Yeah, I'll take me some Colon Farrell and do nasty things to him. And then I'll write it into a book. lmao

Suzette said...

YUMMY! Those men are all hot! Thanks for the eyecandy!