Friday, May 25, 2007

Tilly Tagged me...

heh... thanks for tagging Tilly....

So heres 8 things about me....

1. I wont eat cephelapods (thats Octopi and squid for the layperson) but i will wear them.
2. I collect Ugly dolls. Call me a kid. I dare you.
3. Im Spanish but cant speak a lick of it. I do understand most dialects though.
4. i like stationary. Morning Glory is my favorite store on earth.
5. Ohio is my favorite state
6. i have 5 tattoos
7. i wont eat meatloaf. something wrong with meat in loaf form. only thing that should be in loaf form is bread. 5 years older then my sister, but look about 18.

ok So im tagging:
Rene Lyons
Bianca D'Arc
Jacquelyn Frank
Cara North
Mia Romano
Adra Steia
Luna Carrol
Skylar Sinclair


Anonymous said...

Interesting facts! I'll hop on over to my blog this weekend and list 8 things about me that very few people know. Have a great holiday!

Tilly Greene said...

Hmmm, is one of the tattoos an ugly doll or something with tentacles?

Nice one darlin' :-)