Tuesday, May 15, 2007

because I love Rene...

Im tellin you guys about her new print book, The Daystar. Yep, my girl is laid up after some surgery, and Im here giving you the skinny on her book. So heres the Blurby:

Can she heal lifetimes of pain and make him believe salvation is possible? Always feeling different from the world around her, a power grows within Lexine Parker. In the light is where she belongs-even as she finds herself thrust into the nocturnal realm of the Templar vampires. Scarred by a brutal past, Constantine is a creature consumed with rage. He knows only darkness and sin. Believing he fights a losing battle of redemption, heaven is something he doesn't dare hope for-until Lexine makes him believe salvation is possible. Locked away in an ancient castle, they come together in body and spirit, searching for love to chase away the darkness. With Constantine's soul at stake and Lex's life on the line, the nights tick down to a cataclysmic event that could tear them apart forever. Warning, this title contains the following: violence.

Yep. The girl got another winner with this one. The fans just love it, and If you havent read it yet, or started with Midnight Sun, do so. The series rocks.

So You can buy this book at Amazon (where, BTW, shes already paired and her preorder has gone swimmingly) and if your in the NY/PA area coming up June 1st and 9th, you can buy one from her yourself. Get it signed. Add it to your collection.

Yep. I love Rene.

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