Thursday, May 31, 2007

Signing.. promo, and James Purefoy

So with the signing on friday, Im a promotiona mess over here. it looks like the arts and crafts section of summer camp threw up and them had glitter sprinkled on it. Yep, im that much of a freak when it comes to having unique promo. So for the next 12 hours Ill be sitting here watching ROME and other awesome series (like FARSCAPE) and getting my crafty on. Its times like this i wish Aud lived closer.

Im also on a full blown James Purefoy kick. ROME is the greatest show ever, lots of full frontal nudity.... I can dig it... and it passes the time. James Purefoy is so hot. Must keep watching him.

OOH and Rene and I started a new Bloggy. its called Delicious Darkness, and its going to be our new place to play. Come visit us and see what its all about. I think the graphics for it came out particularly good. LOL.

OK well crafts call.. lost to do and less time to do it in.


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