Monday, May 21, 2007

the week has just started...

and several things have occurred. One, i got a phone call from Rene Lyons... She always makes my Mondays fun. Bitching and moaning has never been so satisfying as to when we are on the phone. Two, I received a phone call from some guy who though I was a woman named Lisa, then hit on me, tried to tell me about some erotic dream, and that he was hepped up on NyQuil. Third, I need to find a job. Big old poo on the Job. Its not like i don't work my ass off daily with the web stuff, covers and actual writing i do. A job is seriously going to intrude on my writing time with Audra, so im a bit apprehensive.

Thursday is my birthday. That means two things. One, Ill be hiding from Family members that will be calling starting at 7am to with me well (Anyone calling me that early should have a pox on their house for even THINKING my ass would be up.) and Two, I get to see PIRATES 3 at midnight. Woo. that is worth it i think, not to mention i have two shows in NYC (Bright EYES and The Faint) that weekend. So i suppose i have something to look forward to.

Work is going well too. Gifts is almost finished, and then we only have ONE more book to finish for the year before we can get a hop on 2008 work. Im confident that well finish that one in enough time that we wont have to worry overly much about anything.


Suzette said...

Busy busy busy! Im going to see Pirates at midnight too. What a coincidence!! We'll have to let each other know what we thought. Remember, I will be hooking you up on the 1st when I see you with UGLY WORM!! That's a good gifty....cause i know its something you want..hehehehe. And my friend, if I forget to write you on the 24th....I am very forgetful so excuse me please....HAVE AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY!!

Anonymous said...

Oh hell yeah! I love bitching with you. But then, you're my beautiful little sweet pea, so how can I not love talking with you? lol