Friday, July 13, 2007

Contest time.. last one...

So its contest time again, i only hope this is a better one the the last. Who is ready to win some fun and fabulous prizes? I bet you are. So heres the deal... answer the questions, win a prize!

1. name the three couples in Sugar and Sin.
2. who is older, Stella or Audra?
3. what kinda demon is Cassiel?

Opinion: Favorite Character out of all the Books

What do you win? An Eververse Tshirt, a Sugar and Sin notepad, a I do it Demon Style bumper sticker, a signed book flat, pen, pin and mini bottle of the Essence of Fallon spray.

Contest open till August 1st and is open to everyone! Send your entries to with "3 questions Contest" in the subject line. Good Luck and enjoy!

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Suzette said...

I sent my entry.