Monday, July 02, 2007


Yep i got two weeks till the next signing, and boy am i getting harried. I have 50 cd's to burn to give out the free book at the signing, have to finish getting the goodie bags finished, pack everything up, and get the few books i was able to procure in the mail. This is the beginning of a season of signings and events and damn if im not excited about it.

Also, Tease is in the last leg of setting ready to open in August, with 7 releases, all going print. Two of them are mine and Im so excited about that as well. it will enable me to prove that we are a print author, and we DO sell better in print. Im looking forward to that.

The new website is getting LOTS of feedback, and I love it, All i have to do now is finishe up a few small things with it and Ill be golden. So this week is all trying to get stuff finished with the snake book, its going amazingly, and then its finish graphics... YAY.