Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lots and Lots of goodness...

So the edits are finished and the books are polished for both Eververse books. Friday they go to the printer. Im excited. Total Pig in shit. Now to finishe the works under our belt and we will be good to go.

Saturday is the signing with Jacki in Mass-of-two-shits, and i cant wait. it will be good to get out and meet the public again, and the amount of goodies and gifties i have should hook us up no doubt with a few new readers, or at least thats what Im hoping.

And friday im going to post a contest on here for the faithful. Hope you will check it out. Im off to pack and get promo ready.

1 comment:

Suzette said...

have fun on Saturday! hope you all generate lots of interest. As usual I will be one of the faithful on the lookout for one of your contest. Take care!