Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Your paper is paper...

Well its been an amusing week to say the least, and its only Wednesday. I reopened Twilight Industries on monday night, with a new website and a new list of services...So if you need something done at an affordable price, hit me up.

Also, It looks like im going to be doing an hour long workshop for booksellers at RT in Pittsburgh. Fun i know. Im looking forward to it, though im still going to look into doing a panel for it. Thats where the real fun is. So this is something to look forward to. LOL.

And thankfully, today we start writing once again. I have been doing so much promo stuff for events that Im doing and ones that others are that the post office is going to love me. I still have a ton more to do, but i do have a bit of time. I still have to burn another 50 cd's of Bargain for the give aways... but that can wait till last minute.

Back to writing. Just had to give you guys the heads up!

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