Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My brain is on underdrive.

Yeah. Thats the best way to describe it, underdrive. With Aud being MIA for the past week and a few days, And we havent been writing, i havent been really creative because of it. Its not writersblock, its more lack of materials coming from the other fountain in the Eververse. Sucks i know.

So Lemme tell you guys about the signing. It went amazingly. The ladies are all super nice, and the borders was a beautiful one. If i was part of a store run book club, i would LOVE to have it in a store like that. Seriously, its probably one of the nicest stores i have been in. And the staff and the management was amazingly cool too. Im looking forward to visiting again.

The Q and A was amazing! I normally have freeze issues when i speak in public, but this was just so relaxed, and it was both Jacki and I up there working off each other that it didnt feel weird at all. they all asked some great questions of both Jacki and I, and I just feel like I Actually answered them satisfactorily.

And.... I sold all 10 books! And now *nerves set in* they are reading it and Im nervous as to what they are going to think. LOL. I just hope they like it, and i dont have a worry though about them understanding it, not like some that have read it, because they seemed open to things other than the mainstream of Romance.

Dinner was SO much fun! Jacki and I sat in the middle and were just engaged in conversation left and right. It was so Rockstar and I LOVE that i had a chance to do this, especially with so MANY amazing women about that were readers! Im so looking forward to doing it again!

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Suzette said...

Wish I couled have gone....darn