Monday, March 09, 2009

AAd is now up and ready to rock!

the Authors After Dark Paranormal Weekend event is up and ready to rock! We just put the website up today, and the registration and the pay pal option as well. I cant wait for October now, Audra and I are going to both be there, and you, the reader, should come as well. its CHEAP, a fraction of what you pay for RT and it will have some of your favorite authors attending. this is an event that's intimate, and sure to become a convention staple in the next few years.

We have some fantastic goodies, events and classes for everyone and guess what? we feed you! that's right, 4 full meals and a cocktail hour and ice cream sundae party. Both the ice cream party and the masque we are having on saturday night will be flanked by a DJ, and lots of good food.

So go check out the website, and get your registration in, cuz this is limited to 200 attendees, including authors!


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