Thursday, March 05, 2009

getting ready for RT and the other events ...

My relaxing March is pretty much over before it began. This month I have three events, four actually, and I need to get ready for them all, not to mention April, and then in May more signings. So. Im doing what any smart author does: Thinking about promo.

See, With NECRWA coming up, I need to bring to stuff for my workshop, which consists of props, cd's of templates, worksheets and lists of websites. That's not too bad. But I have to get it together. But what do I bring this time for my promo for our books? I know business cards, I dont leave home without them in my business card case (Which is uber steampunk) and my I DO IT DEMONSTYLE stickers (Which I have to order more of today). But Should I bring the Book cards for GIFTS? and bookmarks for London For the Holidays? I think thats a safe bet. Maybe some Eververse postcards too. We will see. Normally I would bring a lot but with RT on the horizon, I gotta conserve.

RT will have I Do It Demonstyle pins and stickers, as well as some flyers, bookmarks, brochures and other special stuff like metal hook bookmarks, snowflake earrings, bath salts, and snowflake medallions. What else should I do? Anyone? Anyone going to RT that wants something special from the books we write?

May is the CT Fiction Fest, and Ill be running my workshop there as well, just a little modified. So the usual comes there, and probably whatever promo I have left over from RT will as well, and I think Im going to do bath salts again for this event, because lets face it, everyone loves to relax.

So what, as readers, do you like getting from authors? What are you tired of getting from authors? Please comment. One winner will get a Eververse promo prize packet!

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Suzette said...

Love pins, pens, small tablets. Get lots of use from those.