Sunday, March 29, 2009

NECRWA: Recap on weekend

First, lovely time. Met some awesome ladies (Corrina and Teresa, LOVE YOU!) and saw some of my buddies from signings, and got to catch up with people. The workshop went well, and the others i went to, I learned a lot. So it was a good time. Ooh and the bar had Blue Moon, so that was a plus.

The book signing, I got to sit next to some lovely ladies, and it was fun (Leprecock chocolate anyone?) and the girls from the Black Cats Book club came to see me, I love them. I don't however, love Carla. She needs to quit being a snot. *smile*

And now I have thrown down the gauntlet with Ms. Andersen. She had the most FABOO blue velvet jacket on Saturday, and I was JEALOUS! so now I have to get something that's going to trump that beauty. I talk a big game, but the truth is that jacket was amazing.

The big goodie of the weekend was i did my first actual pitch, and didnt botch it too much. the editor asked for a partial, and Im taking it as a major win, even if she doesnt take it, atleast i faced the fear to do it up. so im proud of me.

So now its getting the submission ready, and pairing down the synopsis. then i have to write.
Oh on the good side, aud and i have about 18k on the book we have on deadline. we are doing anther 12 this week. we have a deadline, and i think we are going to make it. for once.

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Suzette said...

Hope you make that deadline